Small Business Phone Systems Deals

We have some exciting information to share.  One of our partner companies is offering a great deal on a VoIP Phone System for small businesses.  The phone system comes with over 100 popular phone features.  Here is a quick list of some of those features.

Find Me / Follow Me – This is a great feature for mobile workers.  You can define a list of phone numbers to route the call to before it goes to your voicemail.  So you phone in the office, you cell phone can ring at the same time when you get a call.

Voicemail To Email – This is a great feature that lets you hear your voicemail from your email.  The voicemails are mailed to you as an attachment and you can listen to them on your cell phone or any computer that has speakers connected to it.

Music on Hold – This feature keeps your callers entertained while you place the call on hold or are in the process of a transfer. You can also upload custom messages that the caller can hear such as special promotions etc.

Auto Attendant – Have a professional menu system that routes your callers to proper staff members in your company.   Your small business can sound like a big business with this feature that is used by the big companies.

Do Not Disturb – A great feature to route calls to your voicemail when you are busy.  When you need a break this feature is excellent to stop calls from disturbing you.

Conferencing – A great feature to allow you to hold conference with multiple parties.  The feature can be setup to enter a pin number in order to gain access to a conference call.  This is one of the most useful features.

If you are looking to upgrade your small business phone system give them a call.  They will review your current phone bill and beat the price and provide you with a top of the line phone system also.


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