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36 Hours of Gaming and a Crappy Shower

So on our last video game outing.  A 36 hour lock in of hard core gaming at a friends house was perfect but the damn Shower!  I think the house was built in the 30s and the piping has to be replaced or something.  The water pressure was so low that it felt like I was taking a shower with a dripping faucet.   My GOD it was a horrible experience.  I asked my friend what the hell is up with his shower and how do you DEAL with it.  Guess what he told me?  Oh it just the hallway bathroom that has a low water pressure and his bathroom works just fine.

I told him thank you for sharing that with me now!  I had to get the bathroom fixed for him.  So with the help of our friend Tom, who is a plumber we fixed the lower water pressure issue.   We also bought him a high pressure shower head as a birthday gift.  The cost was below $50.  You can find hundreds of best shower heads in the market.  We installed the shower head and now it feels like you are being shot with water!   That is how I like my showers but I just couldn’t let another “guest” ever have to deal with this “crappy shower” experience.

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